NASA will send a helicopter to Mars (VIDEO)

NASA will send a helicopter to Mars (VIDEO)

NASA in 2020 will send a small helicopter to Mars, which will be based on the next-generation rover.

If successful, this will be the first use of an aircraft on a different planet, the department notes.

“Remote-controlled Mars Helicopter helicopter, designed for operations in the rarefied atmosphere of the Red Planet, weighs 1.8 kg, and the size of a small ball. It is equipped with solar panels and a heating system, “- said in a statement NASA.

Double screw Mars Helicopter is able to rotate at a speed of 10 times the speed of Earth’s helicopters. he successfully climbed the tests to a height in excess of 12 kilometers – which means that on Mars Mars Helicopter can fly at an altitude of 30 km.

The helicopter is supposed to be used to reach those points on the surface of Mars, where the rover can not reach.

It is expected that NASA will send another expedition to Mars in July 2020 – in this case, the red planet will reach the ship in February 2021 year. The purpose of the expedition is to conduct geological studies and assess the suitability of Mars for life.

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Scientists have approximated the clash of the star Gliese 710 by several tens of thousands of years

Foreign astrophysicists recalculated the collision of the wandering star Gliese 710 with the solar system. Errors were several tens of thousands of years.

Scientists have approximated the clash of the star Gliese 710 by several tens of thousands of years

Scientists have approximated the clash of the star Gliese 710 by several tens of thousands of years

Thus, the “uninvited guest” should not be expected after 1.36 million years, as was supposed before, but approximately after 1.29 million. Scientists consider Gliese 710 to be a category of wandering stars. It travels freely around the Universe, without undergoing gravitation of other cosmic objects, usually restraining space objects in certain spatial frameworks. The speed of the celestial body calculated by astrophysicists exceeds 51 thousand km / h.

Astronomers are aware of the approach of Gliese 710 to the solar system for 22 years. Calculate the timing of the collision they were only 2 years ago. It is noted that the star will cross the galaxy not only several tens of thousands of years faster, but also penetrate deeper than the previous views of specialists.

“Missing” 8 years ago, the asteroid is rapidly approaching the Earth

In a few days, an asteroid will approach the Earth for a minimum distance of 203 thousand kilometers. As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the information of the British observatory Northolt Branch, it is half the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

It will happen on May 16 at 01:05 Moscow time. Speed ​​2010 WC9 will be about 46 thousand kilometers per hour. According to astronomers, the threat of collision of our planet with an asteroid, whose diameter is 60-130 meters, no.

Less than a month ago, at a distance of 192 thousand kilometers past the Earth flew asteroid 2018 GE3, finding the astronomers by surprise, because they noticed it only 21 hours before the maximum rapprochement. According to scientists, this space object was comparable to the Tunguska meteorite.

Earlier, the Fifth Channel reported that Scientists have recreated a video on Earth’s collision with a huge ice asteroid, which could “deliver” water to our planet.

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Scientists have identified the cause of cell aging

Scientists have identified the cause of cell agingResearchers will continue their experiments to develop a drug that people also need to fight aging

Scientific experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have established how fasting affects the regenerative capacity of intestinal stem cells.

Thus, during the experiment conducted on mice, the researchers did not feed them for 24 hours, and then extracted stem cells from the intestine of rodents and raised them artificially.

The results of their experiments, scientists share with the publication of MedicalXpress. According to them, due to starvation in the cells there was a change in the energy metabolism: instead of glucose, they switched to the cleavage of fatty acids. Thus, this significantly stimulated the process of the appearance of new cells – the process of their rejuvenation accelerated in half.

Summing up the experiment, the researchers admit that this discovery will help in creating a drug with a similar effect that older people need.

5 things that science still can not explain

5 things that science still can not explain

Almost everything is known about the world around the world, but until now some phenomena and things have no rational explanation. We made a compilation of such inexplicable phenomena, purposely taking different areas of knowledge.

1 The effect of Mpemba (physics) Paradoxically, hot water freezes faster than cold, so the rollers are filled with hot water. In physics, this phenomenon is called the “Mpemba effect.” Why? Because in 1963 a schoolboy from Tanganyika puzzled his teacher with the question of why the heated liquid freezes faster than the cold one. The teacher shrugged off the compulsive schoolboy, saying that it was “not world physics, but Mpemba’s physics.” Erasto did not forget his question and later asked about the same English physicist Denis Osborn, who had arrived with lectures at the University of Dar Es Salaam. Unlike the schoolteacher, Osborne not only did not laugh at the inquisitive student, but conducted a number of experiments with him, and in 1969 together with Erasto published an article in the journal Physics Education, where this phenomenon was called the “Mpemba effect”, although Aristotle, and Francis Bacon once thought about it. Until now, there is no scientifically substantiated explanation for this phenomenon. In 2012, the British Chemical Society even announced a competition for the best explanation of the “Mpemba effect.”

2 Wow-signal (astrophysics) On August 15, 1977, Dr. Jerry Eyman, while working on the “Big Ear” radio telescope, within the framework of the SETI project, recorded a strong narrow-band space radio signal. Its characteristics, such as the transmission band and the signal-to-noise ratio, corresponded to a signal of extraterrestrial origin. Then Ayman outlined the corresponding symbols on the printout and signed in the fields “Wow!”. The radio signal originated from the sky region in the constellation Sagittarius, about 2.5 degrees south of the star group Hee. Ayman was expecting a second signal, but he did not follow. The first problem of the WOW signal is that to send it (if you still accept the hypothesis of its extraterrestrial origin), a very powerful transmitter is required – at least 2, 2 gigawatts. Until now, the most powerful transmitter on Earth has a power of 3600 kW. There are a lot of hypotheses about the origin of this mysterious message, but none of them is recognized. In 2012, to the 35th anniversary of the WOW signal, Arecibo Observatory sent a response from 10,000 encoded messages in the direction of the alleged source. The earthlings did not wait for the answer.

3 The phenomenon of left-handers (physiology) Scientists have been struggling for more than one century to explain the existence of left-handers and right-handers on the Earth, but the development of science is constantly refuted even by the theories recognized before. So, back in the 1860s the French surgeon Paul Broca established the relationship between brain hemispheres and hand activity, saying that the hemispheres of the brain and half of the body are interconnected crosswise. However, modern scholars deny such a simple relationship. Back in the 1970s it was proved that some left-handers have the same left-hemisphere orientation as the right-handed ones. Attempted to contribute to the explanation of the phenomenon of left-handedness and genetics. Scientists from the universities of Oxford, St. Andrews, Bristol and the Max Planck Institute in the Dutch city of Nijmegen have established that the dominance of one of the hands is associated with a group of genes and is being laid already at the stage of embryonic development. The study of the genome led to the finding: the PCSK6 gene influences the search for more. The definition of orientation depends on the number of mutations that occurred in the alleles, but if the dominant feature is right-handedness, why left-handedness has not disappeared from the genetic piggy bank? Today, scientists believe that the “primacy” of one of the hands is not just “dominant” or “recessive,” but a more subtle, some kind of elusive sign. Scientists can not give a single-valued explanation of the phenomenon of left-handed people.

4 Homeopathy (medicine)

The founder of homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann, who in 1791 conducted an experiment with different doses of quinine and saw that the same substance in various proportions can both heal and maim. The basic principle of homeopathy, the principle of ultra low doses, of today’s medicine is perceived with great skepticism. The substance in homeopathy is diluted in such proportions that in the final composition, according to Avagadro’s number, there is not a single molecule of the original substance left. The homeopaths themselves do not seek complex answers and explain the effect of their preparations on the “memory of water,” although it is not clear why water should “remember” precisely the original substance, rather than thousands of other impurities and chemical elements that are worn in the air or once in the aqueduct imagine for a moment the “cleanest” water pipeline of the beginning of the XIX century). Conducted in 2005 by Dr. Cowen, experiments have shown that water molecules can indeed form a molecular metastructure, but it remains much less than a second. However, homeopathy is not discounted, since even today a lot of cases are recorded, when people recovered after treatment with homeopathic remedies. Doctors explain this by the placebo effect. In October 2013, a study was published proving the association of the placebo effect with an increase in alpha brain activity, but there is as yet no more precise answer to the question of how the placebo works and homeopathy.

5 Bicycle Equilibrium (Mechanic) Why does not the bike fall? It would seem that nothing complicated. First – the castor effect (steering the front wheel in the direction of the bicycle’s deviation from the axis), and secondly – the gyroscopic effect of the rotation of the wheels. However, the American engineer Andy Ruin managed to create a bicycle in which the front wheel rests in the ground before the point of intersection with the axis, which neutralizes the castor effect. The front and rear wheels of the “Ruin bike” are connected with two more, rotating in the opposite direction, this removes the gyroscopic effect. At the same time, the bicycle loses its balance no faster than the simple one. Hence the conclusion: both effects, and castor, and gyroscope play an important role in balancing the balance of the projectile, but are not decisive. Why does not the bicycle fall after all?

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Scientists have shown the stem cell model in 3D

Scientists have shown the stem cell model in 3D

A tool that allows you to recreate the structure of a cell when only what it looks like is known is available online. It was developed by researchers from the Allen Institute, located in the American Seattle.

Scientists from the Allen Institute have created a special tool that can visualize the structure of the cell. It can work even in those conditions, if initially they have only external images of the latter.

This tool was made available online. With its help to understand how the cell functions, and also to fix, whether there are any dangerous processes inside it.

Greg Johnson, one of the authors of the study, assures that their project has opened the way to understanding the internal activity of a healthy cell. For example, you can see what happens when it turns into cancer. In order to consider as much detail as possible, the program was designed in such a way that the cells shone

More details about the study can be found on the pages of the online magazine Allen Cell Explorer.

As previously reported news agency Nation News, scientists have learned to untie the knots of DNA molecules.

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Author: Yulia Shabaldina

Physicists from Tomsk told what future implants will be

Tomsk physicists are working on innovative medical implants. They will be made of bio-inert alloys of a new generation. As reported by "Ridus", the main advantage of this material is that it is resilient, like a human bone, while maintaining a high load.

Specialist of the Laboratory of Physics of nanostructured biocomposites IFPM Ivan Glukhov explained that different methods of powder metallurgy are used to produce the alloy.

According to physicists, titanium is often used to make implants. Its strength allows you to distribute the load evenly to the implant, without loading the bone. The resulting material, according to scientists, can be used for the manufacture of any medical implant.

So far, scientists have faced only one difficulty – a large temperature difference between the two components. Work on these implants has already begun, by 2020 it is planned to submit the finished product.

On the outskirts of the solar system, an asteroid-exile

On the outskirts of the solar system, an asteroid-exileAsteroid-exile in the artist’s view

Astronomers have discovered the first carbon asteroid in the cold outer areas of the solar system, according to a journal The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Probably, this object formed in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and was later thrown out billions of kilometers away into the Kuiper belt.

According to the Great Maneuvering hypothesis, when the solar system was from 1 to 10 million years old, and the terrestrial planets were not yet formed, the gas giants wandered around it, then coming closer to the Sun, then moving away from it. At first, Jupiter migrated from orbit to 3.5 astronomical units (about 525 million kilometers from the Sun) into the orbit of 1.5 astronomical units, where now Mars is located. Following him, he pulled Saturn, which was forced to move into orbit in 2 astronomical units. Naturally, such trips were accompanied by large-scale consequences – it is assumed that the gas giants cleared the inner part of the solar system from “excess” gas and dust and threw away some of the building material for Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars to its far corners.

Now the research team led by Tom Seccull of the Queen’s University Belfast found support for this hypothesis and other theories, which talk about the wandering of gas giants. The scientists determined the composition of the asteroid (120216) 2004 EW95 in the Kuiper Belt, which confirmed the fact that the celestial body was once “expelled” from the inner part of the solar system to the outer region.

For the first time on the asteroid 2004 EW95 drew the attention of the group Wesley Fraser (Wesley Fraser), an astronomer from the Queen’s University in Belfast, during program observations on the “Hubble.” The reflective spectrum of this celestial body – the spectral composition of the light waves reflected from the surface of the object – differed from the spectra of the small bodies of the Kuiper belt, similar to it, which were mostly of little informative and did not allow to judge the chemical composition of objects.

On the outskirts of the solar system, an asteroid-exileThe orbit of the asteroid-exile is shown in red

Subsequent study of the asteroid by the Seckall group using the X-Shooter and FORS2 receivers on the VLT telescope complex revealed that the 2004 EW95 is a carbon asteroid. In the spectrum of the object in the near UV range, a dip characteristic of asteroids of type C is observed, according to scientists, this indicates that the 2004 EW95 has a similar origin. To date, this is the largest class of asteroids – it includes 75 percent of all known asteroids. In addition, two other features of the spectrum were noteworthy, which indicate the presence of iron oxides and phyllosilicates in the asteroid. Previously, these substances in the Kuiper belt were not detected. According to scientists, their presence can be considered a convincing argument in favor of the fact that the 2004 EW95 was thrown into the Kuiper belt from the inner part of the solar system.

“Although previously there were reports of the discovery of other atypical spectra in the Kuiper belt objects, none of them was confirmed with this level of accuracy. The discovery of a carbon asteroid in the Kuiper belt is a key confirmation of one of the fundamental predictions of the dynamic models of the early solar system, “notes Olivier Hainaut, an ESO astronomer who was not part of the research team.

Recently, astronomers discovered another interesting object – the comet Oumuamua, which flew from interstellar space. This is evidenced by the orbit of the celestial body, which moves at a speed of about 26 kilometers per second.

Scientists argue about a 300-kilometer subject inside Antarctica

The scientists were interested in a mysterious object with a width of 300 kilometers, located in the crater of Antarctica at a depth of 850 kilometers. The anomaly is seen through satellites that have caught a certain gravitational momentum in the territory of Wilkes Land.

Scientists argue about a 300-kilometer subject inside Antarctica

American experts under the supervision of Professor Ralph Fraze assume that a huge depression was formed due to the fall of the asteroid, and it was his giant fragment that remained inside Antarctica. Other researchers of the continent do not recommend disclosing this secret, and approaching the place of a mysterious object, because they see in it an alien base or an ancient tower.