Divinity: Original Sin 2 will get a Definitive Edition in August

Larian Studios has announced the release of the Definitive edition of Divinity: Original Sin II, where we “Kanobu” put 10 points out of 10.

The edition will be in August 2018, including PS4 and Xbox One. The holders of the regular PC version will get a Definitive Edition for free.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will get a Definitive Edition in AugustDivinity: Original Sin 2 will get a Definitive Edition in August. – Image 1

The developers said that Steam would continue to coexist both versions of Divinity: Original Sin 2, but did not specify Edition. For example, it was impossible to do in Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.

Along with this American writer and screenwriter of Fallout 2, Planscape: Torment and Torment: Tides of Numenera Colin McComb In Lile.

Soon after, Makamba congratulated Chris Avellone, who worked on Fallout 2, Planscape: Torment and Torment: Tides of Numenera, as well as on Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Gavin Jurgens-of fayri, screenwriter Torment: Tides of Numenera, Horizon : Zero Dawn and Diablo 3.

Likkrit: “The level of professionalism in DotA is much lower than in LoL”

Former player M19 Cyril “Likkrit” Malofeev told what Dota 2 is inferior to the League of Legends and how to league legends are in Korea.

Dota 2 versus LoL

“Different organizations I still offer to play both in the League of Legends, and in other games. About DotA: I do not really want to play it, frankly, because I’ve said many times that from the point of view of sport the Dot is significantly worse than the league of legends. I have friends in different echelons of this discipline: I saw, let’s say, the working method of the M19, when they were preparing for The International, etc. The level of professionalism in the lot is such that this is not a field where I would be interested in working or even winning a TI.

AT True Sight [about the final of The Kiev Major between Virtus.pro and OG] it is shown that both teams are absolute non-professionals even from the point of view of the league of legends in the CIS. […] In LoL, everyone is also mothering, but we are not talking to each other “You are ***** [goat]” during the tournament games, when you need to focus on the game, not on clarifying the relationship. “

LoL in Korea

“The level of professionalism in the discipline is set by the Koreans. You [in DotA], as I understand it, have the most rigorous gameplay and the most accurate tactics – the Chinese. […] Well, but we have Chinese, God forbid, if others are on this criterion. […]

There is such an old joke that if you want to marry a Korean woman, you need to beat her father in StarCraft. Now this is not StarCraft. Any popular cyber sport in Korea now has the status of a pop idol. And pop idols there are idols, as we have cosmonauts in the days of the Soviet Union. Faker is Jesus. When at the World Cup Faker spoke in English, the stadium shouted so that nothing could be heard. Faker said Hello, and the stadium just “left”.

“We are sitting with a naked ass.” For that Likkryta banned for six months

“These words did not drag on the 6-month ban”. Who is behind Lycrewt

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios

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Very subjective list

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 1

In honor of the release of the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”, who presented one of the most memorable antagonists in kinomics, Alexander Bashkirov and Denis Varkov decided to make their list of the best villains in the projects of Marvel Studios. And in our list were not only the antagonists from the movie theater, but also those villains who were represented in the series, released in the MCU.

It is important to mention that our antagonists such as Loki and Billy Russo from “Punisher” did not get to our top, because they can not be called unequivocally villains. Both characters are on the verge, and a number of actions committed by them, does not allow to class them as absolute antagonists, as those about whom it will be discussed below. If in the case of Rousseau it is a merit of a talented screenwriter who left a good background for the character, then Loki is more prosaic – his image changed so much from film to film, which gives the impression that Marvel Studios no longer knows who he is: a villain or a hero.

Similarly, Nebula and the Winter Soldier were not included in the list. Both acted as antagonists in the past, but later corrected and became full-fledged positive characters, and those heroes against whom they fought, forgave them and accepted into their ranks.

So who is on our list?

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 2

AT release of our top with the participation of “Korvigolovy” I already explained why I consider Kingpin in the performance of Vincent D’Onofrio as the best villain of the Marvel universe and one of the best villains in the history of television. The point here is in the originality of the image, both in acting and in danger for all those around whom the hero radiates literally every skin at times, and in the skill with which the script writers of the series feed and develop this character.

In the comics, Kingpin is the most ordinary super-villain that one can imagine, the usual “Kingpin” of regional scale, which in individual arches and interpretations managed to grow to the criminal ruler of New York.

But at the same time the comic book Wilson Fisk remains the usual criminal authority without any abilities or even that conditional “genius” that distinguishes evil intellectuals like Lex Luthor or Vulture. He does not even have a combat exoskeleton! The more impressive is the image of Kingpin in the series Netflix, where he is represented by a refined connoisseur of fine arts and a Don Juan flirting with a beautiful stranger in the picture gallery.

The first three series of Kingpin does not appear at all, and when he appears, he stands motionless – he does not act outright criminal acts, he generally behaves like a real gentleman. And yet, through the ability of D’Onofrio to stand absolutely still and transmit the widest spectrum of emotions with an absolutely stony face (as can be seen even in the first novel of the “All-Metal Shell”), we are led to the thought: this is the future chief opponent of Matt Murdoch, the villain is so terrible that ordinary criminals prefer to commit suicide – any, even the most painful way! – if only not to cause … Fisk’s displeasure.

David Tennant’s Killgrave is also a beautifully written and subtly played scoundrel, but as a person, a purple person does not represent anything special; he is an ordinary stalker who, without his creepy supernormal ability, would be more of a crooked than a dangerous character. It is dangerous only for Jessica Jones in these specific circumstances.

Kingpin is a more universal and realistic villain who has achieved only iron willpower and good physical data, rather than the ability to allocate pheromones.

The only thing that can be claimed is the motivation for Kingpin’s actions, all the same desire to rule New York, as in the comics. Vengeance, lust and even frank madness are more humane, understandable and exciting motives than the abstract “thirst for power”. But the writers added a rather hidden motivation – Fisk’s psychopathy, tied to the tortures suffered by him in his childhood – so that the hero’s desire to “ensure a quiet life for the people” did not contradict even the most terrible deeds that he does. As in the series, and in the movies is extremely rare.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 3

Killgrave performed by actor David Tennant was the star of the first season of “Jessica Jones”, and, in my opinion, this is the best antagonist, which was shown in the series. It’s all about his gift – he’s able to make any person do what he says.

Think about it: one word Killgrave enough to make a person commit suicide, killed his beloved, robbed the bank – in short, did everything that will come up in the head of this unpredictable villain.

Killgrave is obsessed with Jessica Jones. In the past, she spent eight months under his control, but was able to escape, and he wants to return her. The only person who could resist. He wants to have his “toy” again, and Jessica is terrified of the thought that she will hear Killgrave’s voice again. In the second season, she will even be fooled by this villain – so strong a mark he left on her psyche.

The whole beauty of Killgrave is that he does not make any plans, he does not want to take over the world – he already owns it. He can get everything he needs, get anyone to do anything.

When you live in such luxury, it is very difficult to understand where and for what you should generally strive for. That’s why Killgrave impresses so much. His obsession and detachment from the familiar human foundations are superbly played by David Tennant.

You can read more in reviews of Alexander Trofimov for the first season of “Jessica Jones”.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Picture 4

In the “War of Infinity” we were first fully introduced to Thanos, played by actor Josh Brolin with the help of capturing movements. Titan was first tyrannized in 2012 in the scene after the credits of the Avengers, and six years later he finally made it to Earth to realize his plan to collect all the Infinity Stones and destroy half of the universe.

Thanos does not want to kill, but he thinks he’s doing the right thing, because that’s the only way to solve the problem of overpopulation of the universe. And he really is sorry to kill anyone who gets in his way. This is clearly visible in all scenes of battles with the characters in the film. Thanos the Infinite Glove could kill each of them, but he does not want to do it unnecessarily – he even literally says “Enough of death”. Because he realizes how many beings will not become, when he realizes his plan.

But the main achievement of this villain, of course, in the finale of the film. This short episode, where Thanos just sits, looking at the scenic landscape and silently enjoys the work done. This short scene shows that for the sake of realizing his goal, he really gave everything he could.

No villain of the movie, created with the help of CGI, did not impress with his facial expressions, as it is possible to Tanos. It is evident how much pain he feels, making a heavy sigh in the finale of the “Infinite Wars”.

You can read more in reviews of Alexander Trofimov on the “War of Infinity” and in the opinion of Nikita Kazimirov about Thanos.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 5

The film “The First Avenger: Confrontation” stands out against the backdrop of other “solo” paintings about the superheroes of Marvel Studios.

Firstly, it’s rather “Avengers 2.5” than a solo film about Captain America. And, secondly, this is a picture that presented an interesting villain, a man who does not seek to destroy the Avengers.

Helmut Zemo in the performance of actor Daniel Bruhl is obsessed with revenge. During the battle with Altron in Zokovia his family was killed, and he devoted his life to trying to break the heroes. And he did it with the help of truth, which for many years was hidden. Zemo confronts Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, proving that there is an easy way to manipulate the Avengers.

In fact, Zemo makes the Avengers enemies of the Avengers themselves, shows how imperfect the system in which they exist, literally speaks of the lies with which they live, under the guise of exploits and the salvation of the world.

In fact, Helmut alone was able to break up the team. Do something that Hydra, Loki, or Altron could not. This is a simple man who lost everything he lived for. And the only meaning of life for him was revenge. Revenge leads him, allowing all possible resources to be used to punish those who brought chaos to his home. In this regard, Zemo is more like an antagonist from the movie “Oldboy” than traditional megalomaniacs from comics.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 6

The living planet of the Ego is the only interesting character in the extremely weak film “Guardians of the Galaxy 2“. This is the character that screenwriter and director James Gunn managed to really write out really well, and Kurt Russell – it’s great to play.

This logical continuation of the line of anti-heroes and outspoken villains, which Russell in his old age suddenly began to portray in the films of Tarantino.

Impress the charm and skill that Russell puts into his negative image – as well as the fact that in his youth Russell became famous for such roles of conditionally positive gouges and daredevils, which Chris Pratt is currently working on. Who can be the Star Lord’s father, but not Snake Plissken?

In terms of danger for the characters here everything is clear. The ego is one of the last representatives of the race of aliens, forerunners, celestials, the most powerful beings in the universe, and the ALL PLANET on which the Guardians are most of the film is the “body” of the villain. Gunn skillfully plays with the expectations of comic book fans and simply astute spectators. Everyone is waiting in unison when the Ego finally reveals its villainous nature, but Russell and Gunn are so charming and at the same time playing the disclosure of the secrets of this character that even during the last battle on the Ego it is difficult to hang a label in the spirit of “megalomaniac,” “trickster,” or “anti-hero” “(Although the features of all three roles in the Ego are present).

In this case, the character has the most hopeless “event horizon” in the history of Marvel: he deliberately infected Peter Quill’s mother (one of many alien extras) with cancer.

Motivation of the action of the ego is again quite abstract – the desire to terraform the entire universe is difficult to imbue (or vice versa, to be horrified).

But in this particular film, the very fact of infection, the point of disruption between Quill and Ego, is enough.

The entire plot of “The Guardians of Galaxy 2” is a metaphor for the relationship between a young man who grew up without a father and an unknown father, who suddenly became interested in the future offspring. This topic – can a completely alien person become his own only by a technical relationship, the call of blood? – A lot of gloomy dramas are dedicated. And in the merry and carefree at first glance “Guardians” the topic is revealed no worse than in the most morose films in the spirit of “Return” by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 7

Beautiful character actor Mahershal Ali for years made his way to fame in the cinema and on television – which is worth at least his arch in the “House of Cards”.

In 2016, Ali simultaneously played on Oscar in “Moonlight” and appeared in the role of Cornell “Shchitomordnik” Stokes in the last good pure superhero series Netflix – “Luke Cage.”

On the example of the hero Ali it is very clearly visible when the superhero scheme of the plaforormy collapsed under its own weight, when serious crime serials with comic book heroes became just serials with comic book heroes. Stokes is an excellent anti-hero, a more local version of Kingpin, the owner of a nightclub in Harlem with far-reaching ambitions and complex relationships with Sister Mariah, a politician of the Harlem scale, whose ambitions go even further.

Spike “Cornell Mariah” most like the criminal duo of Evon Barksdale and Stringer Bell from the series “The Audience”, which the creators of “Luke Cage” were inspired. These are also very serious people, carefully weighing every decision and leaving no clues for law enforcement agencies and chances for competitors. In some ways, they are even more dangerous than Kingpin, because both heroes are black icons in the neighborhood for black people, they can shout “racism!” In response to any police actions and reproach the “people’s avenger” Cage in that he is said to be against their own and forgot their roots.

More precisely, The Wire was inspired by the FIRST HALF of the 1st season of “Luke Cage”, which I recommend to you for viewing.

I do not know what happened to the scenario group of the series and its leadership in Netflix, but they took the most stupid decision in the history of the platform: they decided to kill Stokes in the 7th series and replace him with another antagonist, Willis Stryker, Gremuknik played by Eric Larray Harvey. It’s not only an awfully replaying actor, his character is very poorly written. He uses the cheapest possible motivation (the stepbrother of the protagonist, avenging him for the grievances suffered in his childhood), does not work at all with his head and is able to offer only a string of fights and shootings in which he “pretends” (brother after all!) Is trying to kill the undead Cage.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Picture 8

Adrian Tooms performed by Michael Keaton is one of the best villains in the crammed Marvel. And it’s all about its earthiness. He would never have violated the law, had it not been for Tony Stark and the US government to intervene in the business he had been working on for decades. And what to do to a person deprived of the means to live, if he has a family? Search for other options, adapt, because “the world is changing, it’s time to change by yourself”.

This is as close to the spectators as the villain, because this is a simple person who does not possess any abilities.

Even Helmut Zemo was smarter and more prepared than Adrian Tooms. The latter was lucky that his team has such a genius-technician as Phineas Mason. It was thanks to him that Adrian was able to succeed in his business, having received various gadgets based on Chitauri technologies.

This closeness to the viewer makes the Vulture an understandable villain. You can not agree with this, of course, but in the life of the situation there are different. And surely many, finding themselves in the same situation as Tums, would do the same. Because for him, as he says in the film, “there is nothing more important than the family”. And for her sake, he is ready to break the law again.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 9

The red skull in the performance of actor Hugo Weaving is probably the most underrated villain of the movie. Usually, everyone writes it off, but this is probably the most verbatim film adaptation of the antagonist in the Marvel cable car.

The skull turned out exactly as it is in comics – prudent, confident, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of power. Commander Hydra, a talented scientist, a failed superman – he mirrors Captain America, while remaining a bright (including literally) person.

The success of the Red Skull is that he was able to come as close as possible to the original comic books. The film showed a man possessed by power, the desire to reach unprecedented human heights, ready to betray even Adolf Hitler himself for his own purposes. This is a very brave villain.

Honestly, after the “War of Infinity”, I even looked at it differently. In the film, there is one short episode with the villain, seven years absent from the films Marvel Studios (and seventy years in the interior time of the movie). There the Skull says that once he sought to own the Infinity Stones, even held one of them in his hands, but was rejected. That is, he spent more than half a century meditating on where he was wrong in his life.

This opens up a huge field for interpreting the development of the villain (especially since he is now played by another actor – Ross Marquande – who will gladly become part of the movie).

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 10

The main villain Hel in the performance of Cate Blanchett is extremely unsuccessfully used in the film “Thor: Ragnarok” – a painting with a huge set of artistic merit, but extremely weak scenario.

The creators of the film managed to introduce the first strong woman antagonist in the movie Marvel, call for the role of one of the best actresses in the world … and then for the whole film to breed it with the main characters !!!

As a result, Hela lonely and sadly sits on the throne of Asgard, dealing with small local problems and nurturing some not very clear plans for us to capture other worlds. But the inclusion in the list of the best villains Marvel it deserves – for 3 reasons. Firstly, it’s Blanchett herself, among the many acting works that managed to play one of the most vivid and memorable characters of The Lord of the Rings. The great fan of fantasy Tyika Vaititi in Ragnarok was perfectly aware of this: in front of us is actually an evil Galadriel, who could not stand the test of the Ring of All-Power and broke free!

The second and third reasons are that Hela has time to mess around in the framework of her extremely limited participation in the film.

As soon as she appears on the screen, she destroys one of the main, corner-stone artifacts of the Marvel universe in movies and comics – Mjolnir, the hammer of the Torah! And it does this very unconstrainedly. Even Thanos did not have such a worthy moment of demonstrating his strength until the very end of the “Infinite War” … well, and Hela with her “flick of the fingers” the movie BEGINS!

And finally, the bored Hela makes the most stupid act in the history of the over-villagers – alone, without the help of any artifacts, destroys an army that refused to swear allegiance to her. All. Until the last man. According to the degree of danger for Thor, Loki, Hulk and Valkyrie, I would put Hela above Thanos, who leaves 50% of the defeated alive. After these two scenes, you expect the most desperate, desperate battle with unequal powers in the history of Marvel …, but the writers of Ragnarok managed to spoil this scene as well. The final battle with Helo is dotted and serves as a distracting maneuver (Hela does not even become gigantic, as on the film’s poster), and not Thor kills her, but the most forgotten and passive third-person character of the entire universe.

Top 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel StudiosTop 10 best villains in the crammed Marvel Studios. – Image 11

The Ronan-Prosecutor in the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” is all bad. The mediocre motivation is an alien chauvinist fanatic trying to solve all the problems of the Kree race with the help of a flagship and a battle hammer. Yes, it’s a dude, literally pulling heroes with a giant hammer – without any approaches and explanations. The situation is aggravated by the fact that throughout the entire picture Ronan is a puppet of a truly powerful and interesting villain – actually Thanos.

But, in spite of all this, the antagonist in the first “Guardians” turned out to be extremely effective, at the maximum experiencing each hero separately and the whole team as a whole.

To defeat Ronan Quill and friends, you must show the wonders of heroism and truly superhuman qualities that Marvel superheroes showed only in this film and in the first “Avengers” by Joss Whedon.

Inserting Ronan into the hammer the Stone of Infinity and arranging the flagship’s attack on Xandar, during which he dies most positive characters in the history of cinema (80 thousand pilots of the Nova Corps), Gunn created a negative character, pulling out of the group of heroes in general everything that is hidden in them positive … but is not this the function of the ideal villain?

In terms of acting, Ronan does not represent anything special (absolute fanaticism is easy to play, unlike mental doubts), but I have a weakness for actor Lee Pace after his excellent role in the series Halt & Catch Fire, and personally I was very pleased to see Joe McMillan on the big screen.

1.6 billion dollars! “War of Infinity” became the highest grossing film Marvel

1.6 billion dollars! "War of Infinity" became the highest grossing film Marvel

1.6 billion dollars! “War of Infinity” became the highest grossing film Marvel. – Image 1

Two and a half weeks after the release of the blockbuster “War of Infinity” collected $ 1.6 billion and became the highest-grossing film Marvel ever.

In its third weekend, the picture collected at home rentals almost $ 62 million and debuted in China ($ 200 million), which allowed it to receive a cash desk at $ 343 million at the international box office.

Now the “Infinity War” takes the fifth line of the highest-grossing films of all time right after the “World of the Jurassic Period” (1.67 billion dollars). At home, the new film Marvel and Disney collected $ 547 million, which put him on the eighth line of the highest grossing films in the US.

Steam Link will learn how to broadcast games on smartphones

Steam Link will learn how to broadcast games on smartphonesSteam Link will learn how to broadcast games on smartphones. – Image 1

Valve has announced that may 21 will appear on the mobile mobile app Link, which can stream PC games using the same device on smartphones, tablets, and TVs running Android and iOS. Summer also appears the Steam application Video.

Broadcast your gameplay will be allowed as well as using Wi-Fi network. Steam-controller and MFI controllers. Note that initially the app for Android devices is in beta, and on iOS devices will immediately start the final version with an appropriate level of technical implementation and support.

For smartphones there are already applications that allow you to broadcast your gameplay with the PC. It will be interesting to see how Valve implements it.

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

The prefix will appear on the shelves of stores by the middle of this summer.

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

Nintendo decided to return to the production of its phenomenally popular NES Classic consoles. Many gamers complained to the company that they could not buy the console during its first launch. Now it became known that NES Classic will reappear on the shelves of stores – this will happen on June 29.

Recall that the miniature NES Classic is an almost exact mini-replica of the original NES, released in the distant 1985. The console is connected to your monitor or TV via an HMDI cable, and comes complete with an almost exact copy of the original NES controller. The most popular Nintendo games are recorded in the top of the console, among them there are Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong and Kirby’s Adventure.

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

Also NES Classic supports the mode of two players in those games in which it exists. An additional controller can be purchased for $ 10, however if you have a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, they will also work with this prefix.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

Also on the topic

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

Nintendo restarted production of NES Classic

Players know the possible date of the announcement of Battlefield V

Fans of the series could find out out by opening a secret door in Battlefield 1.

Players know the possible date of the announcement of Battlefield V

Summer at E3 2018 we expect many major announcements, but some of the upcoming games. For example, the announcement of Battlefield V could take place later this month.

Fans Battlefield 1 have long paid attention to the suspicious locked door on the map In the Fort, which appeared with the release of add “They are not pass”, but until recently they had nothing to do with it. However, recently this has changed.

Along with the latest patch. After clicking on all, the secret room, which was a prison cell.

In this room, fans of the series are waiting for another mystery, connected with a drain pipe and two valves, which can be rotated only under certain conditions. Having solved this mystery, gamers, detectives received a distinctive icon, which use the Morse code says “Secret is out”.

In addition, after solving the puzzle in the chamber, a leaking pipe began, and this was not accidental. Electronic Arts.

Apparently, it is the date of the upcoming announcement of Battlefield V-a teaser.

In the Microsoft store now can give games

The feature is available to all PC users and Xbox One.

Microsoft has announced that the function of purchasing games as a gift was very popular. The company has launched its limited edition in the autumn of last year, and has it now.

In order to give a friend the game, you need only to know his mailbox, which is tied to a Microsoft account, or Gamertag. The function applies to all games and DLC for PC and Xbox One, however, inactive on the digital titles for the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Also not able to give to give another person pre-order the game.

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In the Microsoft store now can give games