Microsoft and Xiaomi will work together to create “smart” electronics

Xiaomi, which only a few years ago heard only the most zealous fans of Chinese electronics, today joined Microsoft for the joint development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This is reported by The Verge referring to the memorandum of cooperation signed by the parties.

According to the content of the document, both IT-giants decided to join forces for more effective development of artificial intelligence and neural networks and further production of hardware products using the obtained developments. In the long term, the parties are counting on the joint release of smartphones, smart speakers and other electronics with the support of the Cortana assistant.

In addition, as part of the signed agreement, Xiaomi gets unlimited access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, while Microsoft with Xiaomi more solidly strengthens its position on the Chinese market. First of all, the Redmond Corporation expects to start promoting branded services like Skype, Bing and the new Edge Web browser in the country.

Discuss the prospects for joint cooperation between Xiaomi and Microsoft in the official Telegram-chat

Microsoft and Xiaomi will work together to create "smart" electronics


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