Users found in Twitter the hidden function of “secret chat” with encryption

In the Twitter application for Android, a hidden function of the “secret chat” is found, which allows you to exchange messages protected by end-to-end encryption. This is written by TechCrunch.

The function was found in the APK-file Twitter researcher Jane Manchun Wong (Jane Manchun Wong).

Twitter is working on End-to-End Encrypted Secret DM! 2lLr5i1p42

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 4, 2018

ARC is used to install software on Android. Such files often contain code of functions not yet available, which are in the testing phase or are being prepared for launch, the publication specifies.

Information about the “secret chat” appeared a year and a half after Edward Snowden’s address via Twitter to the head of the social network Jack Dorsey with a request to launch a similar function, reminds TechCrunch. Dorsey called the proposal “reasonable” and promised to consider it.

Users found in Twitter the hidden function of "secret chat" with encryption

What to do if the messages in iMessage are displayed in the wrong order

Users of iMessage often encounter the fact that messages in the messenger are mixed and displayed in an incorrect manner. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved.

What to do if the messages in iMessage are displayed in the wrong orderReactivate iMessage

First of all, try disabling the messenger and turning it on again.

For this you need:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to the submenu “Messages”.
  • Switch the iMessage switch to “Off”, and then back to “On”.

After that, new messages should be displayed in the correct order and no longer have to be confused.

It is worth noting that for the activation of the service may be charged a small amount for sending SMS.

Setting the date and time

The order of messages may change due to incorrect date and time settings.

To fix this error, you need:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to the submenu “Basic”.
  • Enable the “Automatically” radio button.

Reboot, install updates, reset to factory settings

Universal methods for solving various kinds of problems can also help.

To reboot the iPhone 8 and earlier models, you need:

  • Hold the power button and wait for the slider to turn off the device. The same goes for tablets and players.

To reboot the iPhone X you need:

  • Press the Volume key.
  • The volume down key.
  • Hold the lock key.

To install the new version of iOS, you need:

  • Open tablet or smartphone settings.
  • Go to the submenu “Basic”.
  • Choose the sub-item “Software Update”.

To reset the device settings and data, you need to:

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Unmanned Uber knocked down a pedestrian due to the features of autopilot algorithms

Unmanned Uber knocked down a pedestrian due to the features of autopilot algorithms

Unmanned vehicle Uber, in March, knocked down the death of a pedestrian, still recognized the person on the road, but the algorithms of the system decided not to slow down. This was told by The Information site with reference to two sources working in Uber.

According to the publication, the engineers of the company set a too high threshold for recognizing dangerous objects on the road to avoid false positives. When this indicator was lower, the system recognized objects where they were not.

The accident occurred on March 19 in Tempe, Arizona, USA. A battered woman, crossing the road with a bicycle, died in the hospital. According to the preliminary version, the police did not find violations by Uber or a company employee who was behind the wheel, but did not drive the car, but only controlled his movement. The car moved with a slight excess of speed, and the “driver” did not look at the road during the accident, but the police believe that the woman who crossed the road in the dark 90 meters from the pedestrian crossing was to blame.

The decision of the police can be challenged by the National Security Council in US transport. If he does not agree with the law enforcement version, the driver may be charged, and Uber companies may prohibit further testing of unmanned vehicles. Now the testing of UAV is completely suspended.

IG Channel in Telegram –

Telegram has been blocked for three weeks already. There are still no alternatives

Pavel Gorodnitsky – about the lack of initiative of those who try to compete with the best messenger on the planet.

In Russia, Telegram has been formally blocked for three weeks already. Despite the squeals of the fans in the spirit of “Ha, but working for me!”, The messenger is not too fun: it is unstable without VPN, slowly connects to free proxy, and sometimes it does not load pictures, vidos and voice messages.

Telegram has been blocked for three weeks already. There are still no alternatives

In Iran, where Telegram is also now banned, it is still worse: there is a much more strict than ours surveillance, which immediately deafens all proxy and VPN. In fact, in recent weeks, Durov has lost about 30-40 million users (according to various sources) – this is a serious blow, there’s no arguing.

It would seem – the product of the problem, then you need to pump your messenger, which would make you forget about Telegram. But this does not happen. Briefly go over the alternatives.

TamTam is an application from Local bosses were very excited on the day of blocking – even bought a streak in Vedomosti to propiate the replacement of the telegraph. In fact, TamTam is a telegram, only copied, and quite selectively. For example, there are channels, but bad with stickers, bots and encryption: if desired, your messages are easily read.

But the worst part is how quickly TamTam surrendered. As soon as it became clear that Telegram is alive, and people continue to sit in it, all media and advertising activities curtailed. As a result, TamTam remains a messenger, in which only Mail employees are sitting, and even that is unlikely. It’s a pity: time to add new options, TamTam had.

Telegram has been blocked for three weeks already. There are still no alternatives

Next – ICQ. It was furiously promoted by Putin’s adviser, Herman Klimenko, but the man laughed. All is logical: Hello, what else “ICQ” in 2018? It’s not even funny – now people are no longer luring out. Especially, instead of telegraph.

Viber was previously mediocre, and after the actions of the ILV, it all started to float. At first, they stopped calling for a while (Zharov banned the wrong IP), and then representatives of the “Weiber” hinted to Roskomnadzor that in case of what they would act as Durov and would not give out any correspondence. The department’s response was very simple – if something does not please the FSB and the court, we will close you along with the telegraph. On that and decided – no new functions, “Vibe” and did not get, but found out what awaits him.

In “VKontakte” messenger is combined with the main client, so, to put it mildly, it is not very convenient to correspond there. After blocking the telegraph, the social network developers did exactly the three right things: first, they openly supported Durov; secondly, they provided the owners of the telegram channels with promotional codes to promote their content in VK; third, they added the encryption urgently, clearly showing that the ILV would have to either dilute Telegram, or block all the Runet altogether. Even in VK, calls were introduced – better late than never.

One feels that the social network desperately needs a separate messenger, but while it does not exist, it is useless to compete with the comfort and functionality of the telegram. Sadly, by the way, that in VK may appear the likeness of telegram channels: against the background of already copied stories (they are objectively not used), this innovation will look even more shameful, secondary and unclaimed. Yearning.

Telegram has been blocked for three weeks already. There are still no alternatives

If we sum up, in Russia everything is used as a telegraph, so they use it. Left only the deputies (and even then not all) and very far from engineering people who do not know how to press the two buttons and cut the proxy. The rest sit in the same chat rooms, read the same channels and laugh at the ILV, paying no attention to trifles like unloaded pictures.

But there is good news. In the circumstances, the stagnation is very encouraging WhatsApp. The messenger, having gone under the wing of Zuckerberg, does not develop at all. There is still an interface from 2015, instantly delivered messages and no heap of key options (from bots to stickers). WhatsApp lives purely at the expense of its giant base, recruited at the dawn of the development of all messengers. I can not imagine a man who now will say “Yes, WhatsApp – classroom thing! “Because this messenger is valued only for the fact that there is absolutely everything.

Last week, it turned out that WhatsApp went away its founder Jan Kum, whom (according to rumors, of course) the idea of ​​haggling user data and shoving advertising into an instant messed up. But Facebook has no other ideas on monetization so it’s very likely that soon WhatsApp from a satisfactory messenger turns into annoying – advertising is unlikely to anyone like it.

Telegram has been blocked for three weeks already. There are still no alternatives

What does it mean? Only the fact that the pace of migration to Telegram is bound to accelerate. There is no advertising, they are stoked for confidentiality, but the main thing is that as soon as you download this messenger, you understand how miserable all the other products are.

Therefore, over time (and with the money of those who invested in the ICO) Durov necessarily block WhatsApp on active users – in this Paul will not prevent any locks.

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Xiaomi Mi 7 hit the Geekbench database

In the database of the popular benchmark Geekbench appeared unannounced flagship Xiaomi Mi 7. New data contradicts the past information about the tests of the device in the same service.

What was told

In a single-core test, the future top-end machine Xiaomi scored 1914 points. In the multi-core – 6334 points. If we compare these results with tests OnePlus 6 (2402 points in single-core and 8931 points in multi-core), then it turns out that the latter will be much more powerful than Xiaomi Mi 7, despite the fact that both devices work on the same processor. The Xiaomi flagship was equipped with an 8-core Snapdragon chip with a frequency of 1.9 GHz (845 model), 6 gigabytes of RAM and Android 8.0 Oreo OS.

Xiaomi Mi 7 hit the Geekbench database

What is known

In addition to these data, Xiaomi Mi 7 will receive a 6-inch AMOLED-display with a ratio of 19: 9, 64 or 128 gigabytes of internal memory, depending on the version and the main dual camera with 16 Mp modules with f / 1.7 aperture. The volume of the battery is 3500 mAh. There is support for fast and wireless charging. Vmeset with Android 8.1 Oreo there is installed the shell MIUI 9. Standard version of Xiaomi Mi is estimated at $ 440. For the improved will have to give $ 520. Possible announcement of the flagship will be held on May 23.

Source: Geekbench

For those who want to know more:

The new smartphone Vivo Y83 received a stylish design, a conventional camera and a price tag of $ 236

In addition to the release of the smartphone Vivo X21i, the Chinese brand Vivo has launched the model number Y83. The novelty was provided with a modern appearance, a worthy stuffing and an unknown processor.

What is inside

Vivo Y83 will receive a widescreen display of 6.22 inches with a cut-out and a resolution of 1520 by 720 pixels. The core of the filling is an unknown 8-core chip MediaTek Helio P22 with a clock speed of 2 GHz. The amount of RAM is 4 gigabytes. The built-in drive has a capacity of 64 gigabytes.

The main chamber is single, with a module of 13 Mp. The front camera is equipped with an 8 megapixel image sensor. Both cameras received the aperture f / 2.2 and their artificial intelligence to improve the images. There is a function of face recognition. But the fingerprint sensor was not delivered. But there is a clever assistant Jovi AI Assistant. The capacity of the battery is 3260 mAh. The novelty works on the proprietary shell Funtouch OS 4.0, which is based on Android 8.1.

When to expect

The Vivo Y83 smartphone has already come out in China in white, black and red colors for $ 236. Whether the device will appear on the world market is still unknown.

What to expect

We are waiting for another Chinese copy of the iPhone X with a budget price tag and an adequate iron. Among the competitors similar in style, there are models Oppo F7 and Nubia N3.

Source: Vivo

News, Main, Incidents: In Astrakhan, a cloudy tornado was photographed

News, Main, Incidents: In Astrakhan, a cloudy tornado was photographedShare this

Residents of Astrakhan observed an interesting phenomenon – a tornado. Eyewitnesses immediately grabbed for smartphones and cameras and began to shoot this phenomenon on video.

The fact is that for this region a tornado is very rare phenomenon, in connection with which it began to be covered in the media.

However, nothing terrible in this phenomenon was not, but the hype it still raised. As eyewitnesses report, the tornado moved around the city and changed its shape, and its height was several tens of meters.

It is reported that the phenomenon observed by Astrakhans is a cloud tornado. It is worth noting that the whirlwind is most often observed on the territory of America.

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When registering an LLC, the applicant faces the need to notify state authorities on what will be …

“Missing” 8 years ago, the asteroid is rapidly approaching the Earth

In a few days, an asteroid will approach the Earth for a minimum distance of 203 thousand kilometers. As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the information of the British observatory Northolt Branch, it is half the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

It will happen on May 16 at 01:05 Moscow time. Speed ​​2010 WC9 will be about 46 thousand kilometers per hour. According to astronomers, the threat of collision of our planet with an asteroid, whose diameter is 60-130 meters, no.

Less than a month ago, at a distance of 192 thousand kilometers past the Earth flew asteroid 2018 GE3, finding the astronomers by surprise, because they noticed it only 21 hours before the maximum rapprochement. According to scientists, this space object was comparable to the Tunguska meteorite.

Earlier, the Fifth Channel reported that Scientists have recreated a video on Earth’s collision with a huge ice asteroid, which could “deliver” water to our planet.

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The Assange still does not have access to the Internet

The Assange still does not have access to the Internet

Julian Assange still does not have access to the Internet, as well as other means of communication with the outside world. The founder of the WikiLeaks portal continues to hide in the embassy of Ecuador in London.

At the end of March 2018, Ecuador’s authorities decided that Assange’s behavior in social networks is dangerous for the country’s relations with Britain, the European Union and other countries, and deprived the Internet journalist of all communications. The embassy said they are in dialogue with London regarding Assange’s connection with the outside world, RIA Novosti reported.

Julian Assange is in the embassy of Ecuador from 2012. He asked for political asylum, because he feared that the Swedish authorities extradited him to the United States.

Russian scientists first scanned the ancient underground structure in Dagestan

Russian scientists first scanned the ancient underground structure in Dagestan

MAKHACHKALA, may 8. / TASS /. Scientists nust "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" ("Misa") together with colleagues from Dagestan State University for the first time in Russia held Naryn-Kala in Derbent. This structure may be the Christian Church in the early fourth century, told TASS leading expert of nust "Misa" head of laboratories of the physics Institute imeni P. N. Lebedev Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS), Professor Natalia Polukhina.

Russian scientists first scanned the ancient underground structure in DagestanEngineers Misa started designing cameras for the experiment of CERN in search of the hidden particles

"Naryn-Kala in Derbent, because until now, there are serious disputes about archaeologists about what it is. In its structure it is very similar to a Christian Church, we are talking about a possible Dating 300 years of our era. We hope to see the structure of this building and, perhaps, some of the surrounding buildings, with our method"- said Polukhin.

According to her, the method of muon radiography allows the scanning of large quantities of natural and industrial objects in the same way as does x-ray.

"Particles from space – the muons, which make up the natural background that passes through the object, absorbed in different parts with different density. Where the object is more dense, stronger and they are absorbed, respectively, taken shadow image, where the object is empty, we see the cavity"- explained the expert.

As told by Professor Polukhina, muon sensors were installed at a depth of 10 meters inside the building. "Two months they were exposed to cosmic muons, April 20, we took them off and now have to analyze that. Most likely, then we will put the sensors for a longer time and in a slightly different place to cover a large area and give a more accurate picture of this structure"- said the Agency interlocutor.

The final result should be the creation of the 3D models of the underground structures, which will allow to judge about his appointment.

The temple or the tank?

As told in the press service of nust "Misa" researched 12-meter room, hidden under the ground. After the capture of Derbent by the Arabs (about 700 BC), the building was covered with earth and was later used as storage for water. However, the study of ancient structures using traditional methods – using the excavation – it is difficult.

"First, the fortress Naryn-Kala refers to the objects of cultural heritage, and secondly, it is unclear how to behave when freed from earth, so long exposed to water"- explained the press service.

Russian scientists first scanned the ancient underground structure in DagestanThe fortress of Naryn-Kala

So today, scientists continued to argue about what was a mysterious structure under the ancient fortress. Some researchers believed that it was originally built as a conventional water tank.

"In this fortress there is at least one such building is the 10 meter depth, but it is simply a rectangular "box". Here is a cross-shaped form, walled up the entrances, facing the cardinal directions. It is unclear why build a tank of such a complex shape? But while common opinion about the purpose of the building does not exist, there are two equal points of view. We do not claim to define the historical purpose of the building, but if it is confirmed by the hypothesis that it is a temple, I think it will be a very interesting discovery, not only for the Christian world"- said Polukhin.

The pyramid of Cheops and the prevention of tragedies

According to the expert, now in the world. In particular, it is used for exploration of gold deposits in Canada, as well as in the study of the structure of a glacier in Switzerland.

"One of the last and the most famous results is the study of the pyramids in Egypt, which was held by our Japanese colleagues together with the Cairo University. In 2016 this method was found in the pyramid of Cheops. In addition, was found another void above the main entrance to the great pyramid. This was the largest discovery in the study of the Egyptian pyramids since the nineteenth century"- said Professor Polukhina.

According to her, in Russia, this method is still under implementation, and the ancient structure, in Dagestan, was chosen for the first time. In the future, the method will not only help to archaeological studies, but also to prevent the tragedy.

"This technique can be used, for example, for monitoring of mines. Tragic cases, like mine peace (in August 2017, as a result of the breakthrough of water from the quarry, had eight people were missing, . No other way to enlighten kilometer thickness of the earth is impossible. Our method allows to determine the presence of these voids, and accordingly, to prevent such tragedies in the future"- said the interlocutor of the TASS.