Scientists have identified the cause of cell aging

Scientists have identified the cause of cell agingResearchers will continue their experiments to develop a drug that people also need to fight aging

Scientific experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have established how fasting affects the regenerative capacity of intestinal stem cells.

Thus, during the experiment conducted on mice, the researchers did not feed them for 24 hours, and then extracted stem cells from the intestine of rodents and raised them artificially.

The results of their experiments, scientists share with the publication of MedicalXpress. According to them, due to starvation in the cells there was a change in the energy metabolism: instead of glucose, they switched to the cleavage of fatty acids. Thus, this significantly stimulated the process of the appearance of new cells – the process of their rejuvenation accelerated in half.

Summing up the experiment, the researchers admit that this discovery will help in creating a drug with a similar effect that older people need.

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